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12 September 2024 @ 10:18 pm
[sticky post] Welcome to NanimoAnimo!  

Ooh~ A guest!

So, what brings you here? :D

Well, whatever reason it is that might have brought you here, we’re thankful that you’ve found us and we gladly welcome you to our little community.

A brief background about us: we’re a group of fangirls who have the same interests, fandom, alma mater and aim to share our love to our co-fangirls.

Nanimo Animo is composed of two words: nanimo (Japanese word for ‘anything’) represents our dedication to sub anything related to the talents of Johnny’s Entertainment that catches our interest; and animo (Latin word for ‘spirit’) is the official cheer of our school which also describes our determination and personality in a word.

For rules and membership, please head over to our membership post.

Fair reminder to all: our subs are not 100% accurate and perfect, so please do respect and appreciate what is given. Any feedback, questions, and other reactions can be directed to our mod account (nanimoanimo_mod). Please be sure to disable the privacy option in your messages in order for us to reply to them.

Full cooperation from everyone is expected. So, if you want to keep this subbing community alive as well as the determination and dedication of the subbers, please do follow the rules that stated above. Violators will be punished severely. (^^,)v

That’s it! Thank you very much for reading this post. We hope you’ve understand us even a little and we do hope that you don’t regret joining here :D

何も Animo Team